April 2021: Alejandra Palomo

Name: Alejandra Palomo

Age: 22

Occupation: Student (senior), Global Environmental Sustainability Major with a minor in Business.

When did you first start CrossFit?

January 2020, over a year ago

Tell us about your sports & fitness background.

I played volleyball in high school. Besides that, I tried following some type of fitness routine consistently. I would go to the gym 3-4 times a week, but I never saw any real progress in weights or endurance.

How did you first get into CrossFit? How did it go?

A member of eclipse invited me, and I remember my first class being the most difficult but also the most satisfying workout I had ever done. I did not think I was going to sign up after my first class, but I did. I was used to working out by myself with no coaching or community and CrossFit is the opposite of that. Having coaches encouraging me consistently through the workout and having a community of people cheering for me even if I was new felt very welcoming. I knew after the first class it was a place where I wanted to stay to improve my fitness and meet amazing people.

 What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit?

I had been vegetarian since 2015 but I was not eating very healthy and that limited my performance in any type of physical activity. My goal since 2015 was to become fully vegan but I could never commit to that lifestyle because I would feel weak when working out. In January of 2021 when we did a Nutrition challenge, I committed to prepping vegan meals that met all my nutritional goals. Besides the amazing feeling of transitioning into the lifestyle I wanted, I have also seen a change in my energy and performance during workouts. Sometimes I still can’believe my body is capable of working so hard to get the results I’m seeing daily. This is the healthiest I have been in my life, 100% plant-based.

What impact has CrossFit had on your life?

The encouraging coaches and people in Eclipse have helped my mental attitude become more positive and focused. Shout out to Casey because every time I was scared of hitting a new PR, he would tell me “you are stronger than you think” and that has become one of my everyday mottos now. Putting in the hard work consistently to see myself achieve new goals has helped me become more confident and resilient in every area of my life. Now I have greater expectations for myself and no doubts about my ability to achieve them.

What is your advice for people getting started or thinking about starting CrossFit?

My advice, from personal experience, is do not feel overwhelmed by all the movements CrossFit incorporates. I had never lifted a barbell before my first CrossFit class, and it was intimidating learning new techniques. If you ever feel confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed there is a team of coaches and an amazing community to help you out. Just have an open mind, take it step by step, and you’ll be seeing your progress in no time!

What are your hobbies, interests, and other talents outside of CrossFit?

My favorite things to do are biking on Riverside, hiking, miserably failing at cooking new recipes, journaling, and visiting every coffee shop in Tulsa. Talents include being an unofficial Enneagram guru and commenting funny gifs on SugarWOD.

What’s the wallpaper of your phone?

It’s just a background of a flower field. #environmentalscience

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