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Top-Rated Fitness Programs In Tulsa


High energy class led by expert Coaches with a balanced mix of metabolic conditioning, skill development, and strength & conditioning.

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching Program at CrossFit Eclipse is very unique and is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting.” Behold, a teaching program to build life-long skills one step at a time!

Olympic Weightlifting

Experience measurable improvement in your Olympic lifts in this all-levels, beginner friendly, skills class. The class will include skill transfer exercises, footwork drills, grip techniques, mobility work, strength building exercises, etc. for the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

CrossFit Kids

Our program is designed to build self-confidence by encouraging and building a love in children for becoming and staying fit. We tailor the fitness routines to build muscle, bone, strength and speed, at a level appropriate for the growing body. Whether your child is a budding athlete or just wants to have fun, Eclipse CrossFit Youth is the answer!


If you prefer to start with a group setting, we offer this course for athletes new to CrossFit. This course is a four week/twelve session course which will allow us to both familiarize you with the CrossFit program as a whole, as well as carefully teach you excellent technique for the program’s foundational exercises.

Personal Training

Personal Training is suited for people with more specific needs. CFE offers one-on-one or small group training sessions that are geared toward personal attention for those that want more assistance and instruction with their training and/or nutrition. Personal training ensures that every workout is paced & programmed just for you.

Open Gym

Can’t make class but want to get in your training? Following a competitive program and looking for a world class facility? Need some extra time to squat? Open gym is for you. Access to our facility with all the CrossFit toys you need, open gym is available for our Unlimited Gym Members.

InBody Scan

See what you’re made of in 15 SECONDS. Your weight consists of muscle, fat and water, and the key to effective weight loss is losing excess body fat, not overall body weight. Instead of tracking how heavy you are, use body composition analysis to track how healthy you really are.

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