Bring a Friend Week at CrossFit Eclipse: Starting December 4th!

Hey there Eclipse family,

Ever had friends compliment your fitness transformation? Or perhaps someone who’s curious about how you maintain your nutrition? Well, it’s time to introduce them to our Eclipse community!

Mark your calendars! On Monday, December 4th, we’re kicking off our Bring a Friend Week. This is your chance to personally invite a buddy, coworker, or family member to join us at CrossFit Eclipse and experience the magic for themselves.

Wondering who to invite? Here’s a quick checklist:

• Friends who admire your fitness journey.

• Colleagues saying, “I need to hit the gym soon.”

• Those seeking your secret nutrition tips.

• Anyone aiming for weight loss, strength, or just to be more active.

• Sporty pals wanting to up their game.

• Those who took a fitness break and want to jump back in.

• Parents or siblings who’d benefit from a more active lifestyle.

• Partners who’ve promised to “try out CrossFit someday.”

• Active individuals seeking expert coaching for better results.

• Basically, anyone you believe would love to be a part of our community!

We at CrossFit Eclipse are all about education, fun, and community building. During this week, we’ll have beginner-friendly workouts, engaging coaching sessions, and some post-workout refreshments and socialization. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your guests to mingle with our trainers, ask questions, and truly understand the Eclipse spirit.

Got questions or want to register a guest? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

We are excited to expand our family and can’t wait to welcome your friends!