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EclipseFit program at our gym in Tulsa

Welcome to EclipseFit!

EclipseFit brings the dynamism and community spirit of CrossFit to a streamlined, no-barbell format. This 45-minute class is designed for those who seek the thrill of high-intensity interval training without the complexity of heavy barbells or advanced gymnastics. EclipseFit is perfect for anyone aiming to improve cardiovascular health, increase stamina, and build strength using bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more.

Class Structure: Each session at EclipseFit focuses on conditioning through a variety of functional movements. You’ll engage in running, rowing, and calisthenics, alongside equipment-based exercises like kettlebell swings, dumbbell workouts, jump ropes, and plyometrics. This program is tailored to boost your metabolic rate, enhancing fat loss and core strength—all within a supportive, group-based environment.

Who Is It For? EclipseFit is ideal for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Whether you’re looking to jump-start your fitness journey, add a cardiovascular edge to your routine, or simply enjoy a different kind of challenge, this class is adaptable to all fitness levels. No prior experience with CrossFit is necessary, just a commitment to push yourself and explore your potential.

Coaching Excellence: Our CrossFit-certified coaches bring a wealth of experience and a passion for fitness. At EclipseFit, you’ll receive the same quality coaching that’s central to all our programs. We emphasize safe, effective movements and personalizing intensity to meet your fitness level, ensuring that every workout is both challenging and accessible.

Schedule and Availability: EclipseFit meets every Monday through Friday at 10:30 AM. Each session lasts 45 minutes, making it easy to fit into your daytime routine.

Join the EclipseFit Community: Experience the unique combination of intensity, fun, and community that EclipseFit offers. It’s more than just a workout—it’s a powerful way to enhance your fitness while being part of a supportive community. Sign up today and feel the difference!

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