Picture taken from one of Marina’s first classes. Today is Mike and Marina’s last day at the gym before moving of to Colorado. Be sure to wish them well and send them off with  hug. We’ll miss you two!! Chi mi a-rithist thu!

Strength: Find 1 rep Bench press

WOD: “Annie”
– Double Unders
– Sit Ups

Buy Out: 1000m row

Some of you may know Taylor Sanders from CrossFit Koda in OKC. Recently she needed a life-saving, emergency surgery on August 21, 2015. You can view more info about her situation by clicking on the link posted. But we here at Eclipse would like to do our part in helping alleviate the burden of medical bills not covered by her health insurance and the cost of not working while she is recovering. 

If you’re interested in helping click the link below.

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