November 2017 – Derek C

Name: Derek Coffman

Age: 32

Occupation: Physical Therapists Assistant

When did you first start CrossFitting?

I began CF June of 2016.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background.

8 Year veteran of the US Army, played football and did Tae Kwon Do for 5 years.

How did you first get into CrossFit? How did it go?

My lieutenant in the military recommended it for me to get to my next promotion level. I had a great experience at my first box but when I move from mid-town to South Tulsa I needed a new place to train.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit?

Since starting CF I have noticed I’m much more confident in myself as a whole, even more so than I was before. I have been able to help my patient community as well by integrating more warm ups and stretches the coaches have taught me.

What impact has CrossFit had on your life?

As far as my life as a whole, it has given me something to strive for outside of not being in the military anymore. It gives me an outlet for my energy and I have met some pretty remarkable people as well.

What is your advice for people getting started or thinking about starting CrossFit?

Just do it, its always nerve racking starting something new. When you are around people who care and it shows it makes all the difference. Especially at CF Eclipse where I have done things I never thought I would be able to do.

What are your hobbies, interests, and other talents outside of CrossFit?

Outside of CF I enjoy volunteering at the Center for People with disabilities, working with the Tulsa Boxer rescue and my one on one time with my Xbox. My husband and I are avid foodies so we cook and celebrate a lot with friends.

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