Olympic Weightlifting

The Best Olympic Weightlifting in Tulsa

Olympic Weightlifting

Train for a Stronger You.


ECLIPSE BARBELL CLUB is an Olympic Weightlifting program in Tulsa, OK that is designed to help trainees improve their power, strength, and technical proficiency with the ultimate goal of lifting heavier weights in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Squat.


Be Part of the Community

Become a part of our extraordinarily active community of lifters and benefit from their support, feedback and some friendly competition to push your performance. 

Expert Coaching

Coaching in a small group during all scheduled group training times.

Access to Barbell Classes and Open Gym

Our Eclipse Barbell Club membership allows access to 5 days/week programming, in house class times and Open Gym hours to be able to train when it fits your schedule. Workouts are distributed weekly to all athletes, and may be customized based on each athlete’s needs.


You have training goals, we’ll help you reach them.

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