September 2020: Eric Nicholas

Name: Eric Nicholas
Age: 47
Occupation: Director of Finance & Treasurer at QuikTrip
When did you first start CrossFit? November 2018

Tell us about your sports & fitness background.
Growing up I played football, basketball, baseball and was very active. In college I got into lifting weights and stayed active with golf, tennis, softball, racquetball or pretty much any sport others wanted to play. After college my career and family took top priority and I started living a more sedentary life.  I combated this lifestyle with occasional periods of
exercise and workout regimens, like running, big box weight training, P90X, martial arts, etc. All of which were exciting and effective at first, but nothing ‘stuck’ and I would eventually get burned out or bored of the monotony.

How did you first get into CrossFit? How did it go?
I was introduced to CrossFit by a good friend, Ross McLaughlin. Ross was in a similar spot in his life when he started at CFE. Soon after he started you could see obvious results in him, and you could tell he was excited and addicted.  I was intrigued and I wanted to get started, but I was intimidated by CrossFit.  We went to lunch to talk about CFE and soon after I took
the first step. I went to my first class, I scaled EVERYTHING, YES it was hard, YES it was humbling, but it was also AWESOME and exactly what I was looking for. The coaches and members at CFE were completely welcoming and the intimidation and fear I felt quickly faded. 

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit?
When I started I was old and out of shape, weighed 225lbs (the most I had ever weighed), on high blood pressure medicine and Lipitor for high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, poor
diet, secretly ashamed of how I’d let myself get in this condition, and desperate for a change. Through my journey I’ve lost 30+ pounds and no longer need any medications. I’m still old,but I’m proud to say I’m also in the best shape of my life.

What impact has CrossFit had on your life?
It’s changed my entire outlook on life and what I’m capable of. And not just for me but my wife Kim recently started at CFE also and I’m so excited about us getting stronger and healthier together. When I started at CFE my goals we’re to lose weight, look better aesthetically, and feel better about myself. All of which I accomplished within the first 60 days.  Now, I’ve been a member for nearly 2 years and I’m still as excited and motivated as I
was when I started. I still go to the gym routinely and have new goals of get stronger and better every day, compete with my friends, see the coaches, the members, and all of whom have helped me along the way.
What is your advice for people getting started or thinking about starting CrossFit?

Getting the courage to walk in the doors for your first class is the hardest step. Take it! You’ll be happy you did. Leave your ego at home. Embrace the CFE community. It’s a journey… Fall
in love with the process. Reap the rewards of your consistency and hard work.

What are your hobbies, interests, and other talents outside of CrossFit?
My family gets most of my attention. I have two teenage daughters who play competitive soccer. This takes up most of my time outside of work and CFE. Outside of that I enjoy cooking (not baking), golf, fishing, and beer.
What’s the wallpaper of your phone?
A photo of my daughters Isabel & Emma.

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