September 2021: Corley Wagner

 Nickname- Curly Fries

Hobbies, talents- football, video games

How did I get into CrossFit? My siblings did it and I wanted to try it out by going to the kids class.

Motto/phrase do I live by? I stick with the phrase “NO EXCUSES”.

Favorite word music? Anything rap

Favorite wod- Gonna have to go with “MARY” I love the hurt lol. 20-minute AMRAP: 5 HSPUs, 10 Pistol Squats, 15 Pull-ups.

Favorite cheat food? Definitely brownies and ice cream.

Something at CF Eclipse you never thought you would do? Spend as many hours as I do there 😂😂😂

What motivates you through CrossFit? Knowing it’s all gonna pay off in comps, weightlifting, football, and even things outside of sports

What results have you seen since coming to CF Eclipse? Gaining muscle mass and stamina

Anything special at CFE or memories?- Yes, back when I was probably 7 or probably younger and I tried to fight a dog at the old gym (there is a picture somewhere) and competing with friends and having a good time all the time.

What life changes have you experienced joining CrossFit? I have experienced a ton, but I’m now playing on varsity football fighting for starting spots.

What advice would you have to someone new to CrossFit? Start with the basics but just stay consistent in coming into the gym and it will pay off

Training PR’s?- 207# snatch

275# c&j (need to retest both of them!!)

If you could create a WOD what would it be?

“Thighs on Fire”🔥


Weight (155#)

Front squats

Assault bike


Cowboys or Sooners- Definitely Cowboys

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