Benefits of Strength Training

If there’s one phrase guaranteed to make an experienced coach roll their eyes it’s “I don’t want to get too bulky.” Okay newbie don’t worry, I have no fear that you’re about to completely revamp your diet, follow strict macros, triple the amount of protein you consume every day, and put in the 2-3 hours of strength training a day in addition to the class workout it takes to get “bulky.” The idea of strength training can scare people who don’t know what it means, so let’s go over how we use “strength training” and its benefits.

Strength training just means any workout or movement that is designed to improve muscle and endurance. This can be heavy lifting working on a one rep max, or sets of lighter weight to build muscle stamina. Strength training will look different for everyone, whether you have 5# or 50# plates on the bar you are working to improve your capacity. Just about everything we do at Eclipse is designed to improve muscle strength and endurance, except the bike that’s designed just for torture.

Now the benefits of strength training are huge! It goes far beyond just being able to lift heavier and heavier weights, strength training improves not only your muscles but your joints, bones, and tendons. It can improve your balance, decrease risk of chronic disease, and has even been shown to improve mental clarity! 

Most of our members aren’t trying to get to the Games, most people are on the LBN plan. Look Better Naked plan that is. You don’t care as much about the number on your barbell as the number on your jeans. Strength training helps your body not only lose fat but replace it with muscle – giving you a more toned appearance in and out of your clothes.

So why do we push strength training so much? Because it works! It will keep Mark playing golf, Miranda running 5ks, Rene playing with our three kids, Janelle beating PRs, and Terri complaining every day. Well I guess that last one would happen no matter what…