Bring a Friend Week: Experience Fitness Together at CrossFit Eclipse!

Are you ready to double the fun and fitness? It’s time to mark your calendars because Bring a Friend Week is back at CrossFit Eclipse! From Monday, March 18th to Friday, March 22nd, we’re inviting all members to bring their friends along for an exciting week of workouts, camaraderie, and growth.

Event Details: During Bring a Friend Week, members can bring their friends to join them in classes and experience the magic of our community firsthand. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to our gym and all the amazing things we have to offer.

Activities Planned: We have a lineup of engaging workouts, fun challenges, and interactive sessions planned for everyone to enjoy. Whether your friend is new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, our experienced coaches will ensure they have a great experience and leave feeling motivated and empowered.

Benefits for Members and Friends: For members, Bring a Friend Week is not just about sharing your passion for fitness but also about strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories. Plus, as a special perk, members can discount their friends’ memberships by $65 as a thank you for helping us grow our community. And you get a $65 credit towards your next months membership too!

For friends, it’s an opportunity to experience our supportive community, receive personalized coaching, and discover the transformative power of CrossFit Eclipse firsthand. Many of our current members started their fitness journey by attending a Bring a Friend event and were inspired to join our gym permanently.

Success Stories and Testimonials: Here are just a few examples of the positive impact Bring a Friend events have had on our members and their friends:

  • Renee: “Bringing Terri to CrossFit Eclipse was a game-changer. We pushed each other, celebrated milestones together, and now we’re both stronger and more motivated than ever!”
  • Jeff: “I never thought I’d enjoy working out until I tried CrossFit Eclipse with my Sara. The coaches were so encouraging, and the community made me feel right at home. I’m now a proud member and loving every minute of it!”

Call-to-Action: Ready to share the fitness experience with your friends? Make sure your friends fill out our waiver before coming to class for the first time. They can complete the waiver online by clicking on the following link: Waiver Form

Mark your calendars for Bring a Friend Week at CrossFit Eclipse from March 18th to March 22nd and start inviting your friends to join you. Together, let’s make fitness fun, inspiring, and unforgettable!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and encourage them to fill out the waiver. Let’s grow our community and achieve our fitness goals together!

See you at the gym,