Double Trouble

DSC_1033Athletes of the Month
Congrats to both John and Tim for being our July Athletes of the month. The coaches felt that both athletes have been completely dominate this past month that we couldn’t pick just one. These guys have been bringing it to every workout, and just smashed the Whole Life Challenge. Both losing an incredible amount of weight, inches, and body fat while still gaining that lean muscle mass.

Completely different personalities but both crushing it. Tim is a worker bee that just puts his head down, grinds, and gets after it. He’s a tireless worker who lets the results speak for him. John, I swear, snorts a pixy stick before  he comes into the gym. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5am, this guy is high energy and rocking a huge smile. John is wired, ready to go, and loves life.

Congrats guys! You two earned it!!

– John S.  click here for more about John.
– Tim B. click here for more about Tim.

1. Sumo Dead Lift
5×2 reps for max load, unlimited rest between sets

2. Conditioning
“Surfer on Acid”
3 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
21 Burpees

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