February 2024 Chelsea Sage

1. What is your nickname? Chels

2. What are your favorite hobbies, talents, skills outside of CrossFit? I like reading, horror movies, Theatre (especially musicals), line dancing (dorky I know), singing, and volunteering on my church’s tech team

3. How did you find/get to CrossFit Eclipse? I was ready to be done with gyms altogether and a friend suggested CrossFit because of the community. The old location of Eclipse was in the strip where I worked. Walked in one day during a lunch break and never looked back.

4. What motto or phrase do you live by? Keep moving the dirt (courtesy of Coach Nate)

5. What is your favorite music to listen to while WODing? I jam out to pretty much anything but there was one night where Darius and Kam played country and that was probably my favorite

6. What is your favorite WOD? The Comeback, Team Tasha Sprints, or More Power (how can anyone choose just one?)

7. What is your favorite cheat Food(s)? Pizza, burgers, tacos, cake, cookies, someone stop me lol  

8. What is one thing you have done at CFE that you never thought you would do? Everything! lol Almost everything I’ve done here, it was the 1st time ever for me. So everything that I’ve started to feel more comfortable with has been a little confidence boost each time and as someone who walked in with none, that means a lot.

9. What motivates you through your CrossFit journey? The 6:30am crew for sure! Everyone is so encouraging! Nate ALWAYS finds a way for me to do something and that helps so much to remind myself that there’s always a way to continue making progress.

10. What results have you seen so far in coming to CFE? I have more energy, mobility, balance, and I feel like I’m slowly building more confidence in myself.

11. Do you have any special or successful CrossFit Eclipse memories/moments? Getting to bring someone to bring a friend week and having them sign up and most recently, having all 3 coaches cheer me on as I did air squats for the 1st time in months. 

12. What sort of life changes have you experienced because of CrossFit that you didn’t expect? Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone has been a big one. I can be pretty shy. So volunteering at Battle at the Ranch and KO were big steps for me but both were great experiences! 

13. What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Eclipse? Whatever happens, don’t stop showing up. Also go slow, ask questions, and listen to both the coaches and your body. Maybe most importantly, just be you.

14. Current training Goals/PRs? Biggest goal is to compete at Battle at the Ranch or KO maybe next year. But being at Barbell Club more and more has made me want to get more into weightlifting. What can I say? I want it all lol

15. If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be? AMRAP 30- 20 cal bike, 300 meter run, 20 thrusters, 30 wallball shots. Call it Where Legs Go To Die 

16. Cowboys or Sooners? Cowboys!