What is your name or nickname?

My name is Sarahy but everyone at the gym calls me sunny ☀️
What are your favorite hobbies, talents, skills outside of CrossFit?

CrossFit is my hobby since I’m a mom of two kids under two I don’t have much time for myself.

How did you find/get to CrossFit Eclipse?

I was a previous member of CrossFit eclipse back in 2015 (before husband and kids). I moved away to Kansas, but in 2021 we decided to move back and came back to Eclipse!

What motto or phrase do you live by?

I would say my motto is fake it till you make it. That incorporates to everything. If you don’t want to workout you keep coming until you do, or if you’re not feeling too happy just keep doing things that’ll make you happy. Eventually happiness will follow 🙂

What is your favorite music to listen to while WODing?

My favorite music is anything Bad Bunny.

What is your favorite WOD?

My favorite workout is anything barbell with a mix of jump rope or running!

What is your favorite cheat Food(s)?

I really love pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread).

What is one thing you have done at CFE that you never thought you would do?

After having two kids I thought I’d never be able to lift heavy. I’ve been working really hard and I’ve finally have gained my strength back!
What motivates you through your CrossFit journey?

My biggest motivation in my CrossFit journey is the longevity part of it! I want to be strong and healthy all the way to my senior years and hopefully live to be 90!

What results have you seen so far in coming to CFE?

Coming to Eclipse I’ve seen my confidence go back up. After having kids and starting from square one is difficult, but the coaches have been there every step of the way to encourage me and push me to be better. A big confidence boost!

Do you have any special or successful CrossFit Eclipse memories/moments?

My special memories have been growing within the journey. I used to come when I had no husband and kids, and now that I came back I come with my husband and kids. Eclipse has grown with the different stages of my life!

What sort of life changes have you experienced because of CrossFit that you didn’t expect?

Because of CrossFit I live in an active lifestyle. Doesn’t matter what it is, but I love to always keep my body moving!

Current training Goals/PRs?

My current goal is to participate in a weightlifting Meet.

If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be?

It would be a simple couplet of 20 dumbbell lunges and 200 meter run for a 12 minute AMRAP

Cowboys or Sooners?