HELP—I Can’t Get Off the Toilet!

Right now, I dream of the day when I can just sit with nothing to do. Especially if I can make my kids take care of me and bring ME snacks and drinks all day. Retirement? Sign me up! You know what I don’t want to end up happening? Dylan having to help me off the toilet. 

Age itself isn’t the main factor for adults going to assisted living facilities, it’s a loss of independence brought on by decreased activity. Kids grow up and leave, adults retire from work, they have fewer reasons to leave the house, so they don’t. They don’t get out, they don’t get up, they don’t MOVE; and that lack of movement leads to muscle atrophy making basic movements difficult.

When someone tells me they can’t squat I ask “how do you get off the toilet?” That’s all it is. How do you get up off the ground? A burpee. How do you bring groceries in from the car? Farmers carry. We aren’t making you do burpees to tortue you (I promise) we are programming them because you NEED to be able to perform that simple movement in everyday life.

Continuing to move throughout your life, especially as you age, is a vital skill. Yes it  will help you look better and feel better; but it will also help keep you out of a nursing home longer and keep your kids from having to take care of you. Finding an exercise routine that you can stick with and enjoy doing will keep you independent for as long as possible, and keep your kids from needing to help you off the toilet.

Aging adults might not be setting records for the fastest mile at the gym or the heaviest deadlift, but they can do the class workouts right alongside the 20-year old members. Our coaches are here to help them find the right degree of movements for every member so that they can continue to push their bodies at their level. Intensity might look different for each member, but good form and range of motion is a goal everyone can achieve.

Many older adults want to stay away from the barbell, but strength training also is a crucial part of staying healthy and active. It helps prevent osteoporosis and can even work to reverse it. Lifting heavy weights increases bone density, helping prevent a minor fall from turning into a broken hip.

It can be intimidating starting CrossFit with people half your age. At Eclipse we have many members over 50 and even over 60, they do great in classes and love working out with a range of athletes (except Jimmy he hasn’t stopped complaining yet in 10 years). But sometimes starting off people are more comfortable with private lessons, either way we want you here, we want you active, and we want you to enjoy it!

I love CrossFIt, I love our community, and I love competing with you all every day. But honestly- I’m here working out counting one burpee at a time so Dylan and Blayne have one more day they don’t have to pull Daddy off the toilet.

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