I’ve got 99 problems but OrangeTheory isn’t one

Fitness is fashionable, and I’m not talking about Lululemon. People have figured out that high intensity workouts and eating real food lead to great results. So group fitness franchises are popping up on every corner and taking over abandoned Cherry Berry and Blockbuster stores, bringing in their high tech equipment, standard playlists, and newly hired trainers.

These large franchises have great branding, a proven plan to quickly come in and get going, and huge advertising budgets. So why am I not worried about the new gym franchises? Because we aren’t selling group exercise, we sell individualized coaching with results.

I’d assume most of you have been to some type of group exercise class, where the most attention you got was the instructor introducing themselves at the beginning and saying a group goodbye at the end. That’s not what keeps you coming back, and it’s not what gets you results. I’m a firm believer that if you actually enjoy working out you’re more likely to stick with it. And if you enjoy the people you’re working out with you’re going to want to keep coming. 

Fitness franchises aren’t concerned with your personal fitness level, your goals, or your history. They definitely can’t be bothered to pay special attention during classes making sure you are doing the movements correct; or to make special accommodations for any injuries you might have. They care that you pay your membership and you post about it on social media.

At Eclipse we want to help our members achieve their goals. For some this requires a little extra attention during class, for some this means nutrition coaching, for some it just means checking in on them and seeing how they’re doing. I tell my coaches CONSTANTLY that the hour our members are in the gym should be the BEST hour of their day (except for Fran days, sorry that is what it is). No matter what the members’ goals are, the coaches’ goal is the same- to do everything they can to help you be better than yesterday.

If results came from showing up to the gym 3x a week and drinking a protein shake afterwards we’d all be ready for swimsuit season already. We all know the basics of what we are supposed to be doing, and if you don’t I guarantee you can find 500 articles on Google in 2 minutes. The problem is most of us need a little extra motivation and encouragement to put in the work needed to get results, and group exercise classes with a trainer who has done 10 different programs in 3 years isn’t much help.

That’s where our coaches come into play, not only do they have the expert knowledge of how to get you from now to your end goals, but they also are here to provide you with the accountability needed to actually get there. Results come from not only knowing what you’re supposed to be doing, but also putting in the work to achieve it.

We don’t want to be just your “gym friends,” the people you talk to at the gym and ignore the other 23 hours of the day. We want to be involved in your personal life and know what’s going on with you, because we believe it’s all connected. You aren’t at Eclipse just to increase your clean and jerk weight, you’re here to be healthier and live a better life. You’re here to live longer and be able to play with your kids and grandkids. You’re here to improve your overall life, and we want to be a part of it all. 

When you’re having a hard day we hope coming to Eclipse makes it better. When you graduate college or get a promotion we want to celebrate with you the same way we will celebrate your first pull up. 

CrossFit Eclipse doesn’t offer group exercise classes, we don’t sell fitness with a checklist or push ready made programs. We offer a community, a community focused on getting you RESULTS.

Inspiration provided by Jason Cohen at locomtionfit.com.

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